Capybara Detector: About

Has this ever happened to you? You're at the petting zoo and you've just bought a bag of Capybara Chow, but you notice that the picture signs identifying the animals are down for maintenance.

Is that a capybara over there? How can you tell? Luckily, the Capybara Detector is here to help!
The Capybara Detector relies on an AI-driven image-classification model that uses a Convolutional Neural Net for transfer learning. The model is trained with thousands of images of capybaras and non-capybaras, with the help of Python's PyTorch and FastAI machine-learning libraries.

capybara training image

More technical details of the training process can be found at this project's GitHub page.

Testing with real capybaras
If you're in Japan and want to test the app with live photos, here are some recommended spots where you can hang out with capybaras (link to article at